Friday, August 15, 2008

A great trip with much to be thankful for

A group from St. Michael's returned this afternoon from a weeklong short-term mission trip to eastern Kentucky with Christian Appalachian Project. Our group of 15 worked on three projects. One was the exterior renovation of Wanda's house in Salyersville. This included new windows, soffit, fascia and lots of other stuff. The second was work on a "Respite Center". This is a new facility which allows those who are caring for elderly parents to have a place for them to be in order for the caregiver to get a "respite" for a week or ten days. It’s a beautiful facility that they are dedicating later this month and there's already a waiting list - the service is free. The third group put a new roof on Miss Trumble's house in Paintsville. (That's me looking like I know what I'm doing). The roof had been leaking for over a year. When we pulled the fascia board off I found pots and pans that had been put in the attic crawl space to catch the dripping water. I pulled some out and Miss Trumble thanked me saying that she couldn't have a turkey last Thanksgiving because the roasting pan was up there. It’s a good feeling to know that she doesn't have to worry now every time it rains. Isn't this what the church should be doing?

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