Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Christian leaders slam graft - Uganda

CORRUPT officials must be punished and refund stolen money, Christian leaders have demanded. Leaders of the Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox churches expressed concern that Uganda was losing billions of shillings at the hands of dishonest officials.

“That is why we have many cases of collapsing buildings, poor roads and no drugs in the health centres,” the leaders said in a recent statement.

“The Bible denounces corruption, calling it a detestable act. Therefore, anyone who engages in corruption is acting against the will of God.

Be warned-if you are in this scheme — that fighting God has a high price,” they warned. The leaders issued the statement at the closure of a two-day anti-corruption workshop at the Pope Paul Memorial Centre in Kampala.

They included Archbishops Henry Luke Orombi, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga and Monsignor Wyand Katende. Silvester Arinaitwe and Godfrey Amanyire from the Uganda Joint Christian Council also attended.

“History is not always on the side of people who abuse the trust bestowed upon them. The ill-gotten wealth you (the corrupt) are carrying is not a blessing from God,” they said.

Citing the anti-corruption Bill and the whistle blowers and witness protection Bill, the leaders urged the Government to expeditiously pass the laws, which they said would check the vice.

The leaders asked Christians not to offer embezzled money. They also urged those involved in graft to repent.

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