Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Does Evangelical Lutheran vote on gay clergy, affect you?

From USA Today-

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's vote to accept actively gay ministers, approved at their governing meeting last week along with a wide-embracing social statement on sexuality, is ricocheting around the blogo/Twito-spheres. The reaction runs from cheers to anguish.

Rev. Al Mohler, the Southern Baptist theologian, sees woe, if not brimstone, ahead for the ELCA for establishing one umbrella over those who see homosexual behavior as unrepentant sin and those who see it as another expression of love and acceptable in ministry (if people are in monogamous relationships.

... The claim that a church can both condemn and bless homosexual relationships with equal faithfulness falls false on its face. Worst of all, it sows a disastrously deadly confusion about the nature of sin -- a confusion that subverts the Gospel and brings eternal consequences. Should homosexuals repent of their sin, or come to the church for the blessing of their homosexual unions? There can be no multiple-choice answer to that question ... Woe unto those who cloak such decisions with the disguise of faithfulness.

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