Monday, November 30, 2009

FT. WORTH: Anglo-Catholic Diocese would withdraw from ACNA if Women are Ordained Bishops

From Virtue online an interview with Jack Iker-

VOL: Some argue that internal differences in the new Anglican Province over, for example, the ordination of women, mean that ACNA will fragment. Others are unwilling to enter into a relationship with evangelical Christians. How would you counsel them?

Iker: While it must be admitted that ACNA is divided over the ordination issue, our aim is to maintain the highest possible level of communion with one another. We can certainly agree with evangelicals on a number is things, and our relationship with them is an opportunity to witness to the catholic understanding of the sacraments, particularly Holy Orders. We do not compromise our positions by striving to make common cause with others for the sake of the mission of the Church.

VOL: Would the Diocese of Fort Worth be forced to leave ACNA if Archbishop Duncan ordained women?

Iker: Archbishop Duncan does ordain women to the priesthood (and always has), and this places us in an impaired relationship. From this time on, it would be immensely helpful if he were to delegate such ordinations to other ACNA bishops. If at some time in the future ACNA authorizes the ordination of women bishops, Fort Worth would withdraw.

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Anonymous said...

Why won't Bishop Iker and his Diocese leave if women are "ordained" priests. Bishop Iker has swallowed the camel, complete with saddlebags, to accommodate ACNA's deviation from catholic tradition.

This is why ACNA is a pathetic farce and the Ordinariates are at least a hope for people in the Anglican tradition to preserve their integrity.