Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Bishop of Chelmsford ready for 'big challenges'

From The BBC-

The new Anglican Bishop of Chelmsford hopes to be able to address a number of big challenges facing the church when he takes up the post later this year.

The Right Reverend Stephen Cottrell has been announced as the 10th Bishop of the country's second largest diocese.

He said taking a lead in green issues and reconnecting the church with young people were two of his greatest tasks.

The current Bishop of Reading told BBC Essex: "I look forward to taking a lead on those kinds of issues."
"Many people know little or nothing about the Christian faith, they're growing up like I did without contact with the Christian church," he added.

"Reconnecting with our communities, reconnecting with individuals lives, being able to find ways of expressing the Christian faith which connect to the questions people are asking today.
"That's the challenge of the church in every age, but it's a big one in ours, but I'm excited by that.

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