Sunday, March 14, 2010

Value and values: an Anglican priest’s take on business

From Malta-

Fortunately for it, the Anglican Church not only allows its priests to get married and still be involved in the ministry; it also allows them to continue with their professional jobs and careers even after they are ordained priests.

It came as a surprise to many people to find out, on Friday evening, that the Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings, Stephen Green, is an ordained Anglican priest who on Sundays still performs his ministerial duties – baptisms, weddings and even funerals – at his local church.

At a presentation of his latest book, Good value: reflections on money, morality and an uncertain world, held at The Palace in Valletta in the presence of President George Abela, one could see that this unlikely combination had many people fascinated.

This is not the first book Mr Green wrote. He said he decided to write this book in April 2008 when he was at a bankers’ conference at Lago di Como. Already then, the clouds were gathering, there was a storm coming, and a sense of foreboding could be felt across the world. We now know what came later: the world crisis unleashed by banking mistakes leading to a worldwide recession.

In his book, Mr Green speaks highly of globalisation, without letting it become an ideology for him. Over the past years, before the crisis, hundreds of millions of people raised themselves out of poverty and all the disruption that poverty brings with it.

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