Thursday, April 8, 2010

Church split on Proposed Constitution

From Kenya-

And speaking at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi on Sunday, Anglican Church in Kenya Head, Archbishop Eliud Wabukala warned: "It is naive to assume that because the document has been passed by Parliament Kenyans will endorse it."

He said: "All our (ACK) bishops are taking the debate to the grassroots this month. At the end of it they will be back with their findings, after which the church will give its directive."

The archbishop urged Kenyans not get carried away by the debate.

"We appeal to the people to carry the debate but not in a manner that may cause complications, like in 2007," the archbishop pleaded.

He added, "We have opened the debate and we allow (congregations) to participate."

He said the church expects its bishops to find out what its followers want, or don’t want, and announce a united stand.

Leading flock astray

But Chief Kadhi Sheikh Hammad Kassim called on sections of church leaders to stop misleading Kenyans on the constitution.

Hammad said some of the clerics have been misquoting the Proposed Constitution thereby misleading their followers to vote against it.

He cited the abortion clause, which he said had been misinterpreted by church leaders.

Sheikh Hammad said he had read the Proposed Constitution and understood that abortion had not been legalised, contrary to claims by other church leaders.

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