Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tongues will wag at these sermons

From Boston-

A Danvers Episcopal church is going to the dogs, but the idea is to help get their owners closer to God.

The Calvary Episcopal Church is launching the Perfect Paws Ministry, a monthly half-hour service enabling dogs and their owners to share the rapture starting May 16.

“We’re hoping we can reach out to people who have a rich, spiritual life as pet owners and help them focus that experience to God,” said the Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas.

In other words, to get them thinking about “dog” spelled backwards. But there’s more spirituality behind the idea than cynics might think.

“We have to recognize that there are lots of places other than church where we encounter God,” Keith-Lucas said. “A friend . . . says at the top of the list are dogs and teddy bears.”

The brief service will be a mix of the serious - prayers said by people for their pets - and the irreverant - ushers will hand out treats for good dogs. But no shushing pooches on pews, Keith-Lucas said. They’ll be allowed to bark and whine and wag their tails to their hearts delight.

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