Friday, July 23, 2010

Kenya: Cracks in Church as Clerics Join 'Yes'

From Kenya-

The Church is facing a major rebellion within its ranks after some senior clergy on Thursday declared they would rally Christians to support the proposed constitution.

The clergymen are operating under the banner, Christians for Yes. In their ranks are Bishop Peter Njenga and the Rev John Njenga of the Anglican Church of Kenya and evangelical bishop Patrick Mungai, who accuse the church leadership of intimidating Christians to reject the proposed constitution "by peddling propaganda and lies about the document."

But at a press conference, the Nairobi archbishop of the Catholic Church, John Cardinal Njue and the Anglican head, Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, maintained that the Church leadership would not relent in its quest to shoot down the document.

"Let them lay their issues on the table so that we can debate them. Our position is that even if everything else in the document was right and only one thing was wrong, we would pay attention to it," said Cardinal Njue, adding: "If there is a contentious issue, should we close our eyes to it?"

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