Sunday, August 22, 2010

‘There are evil cabals of church pastors’

From Nigeria-

Rt. Reverend Isaac Olatunde Olubowale is the Bishop of the Diocese of Anglican Communion, Ekiti-Oke, in Ekiti State. In this interview conducted by IDOWU ADELUSI, the Bishop bares his mind on the 2011 election, issues in the church and national matters. Excerpts:

In October, Nigeria will be 50 years old. A golden age for that matter. Doesn’t it call for celebration?

It is just a simple rational way of thinking. Getting to Ibadan from Ekiti. Go and see Ilesha — Ife — Ibadan expressway. There are gullies on the heart of the roads. What are we celebrating? I doubt if we can have 24 hours electricity supply. What are we celebrating? Workers from the local government to the state and federal cannot boast of having regular salary. The resident doctors are contemplating embarking on industrial action.

There is no security anywhere. People are being killed by assassins, many are being kidnapped for ransom. Armed robbers cannot allow people to sleep well in their houses. Is it not madness to say we are celebrating and to even vote such huge amount for it. Many jobless school leavers and graduates are roaming the streets searching for jobs. Our schools are under-funded. We need to know what we are doing.

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