Sunday, November 7, 2010

Utah Episcopalians get new “sumo” bishop

From Salt Lake-

Amid the pageantry and rousing hymns of a centuries-old liturgy to consecrate a new bishop, hundreds of Utah Episcopalians learned something Saturday about their new, slightly built shepherd:

Bishop Scott Hayashi’s avatar — the figure he chooses to represent him — is a sumo wrestler.

“That tells you all kinds of things about your new bishop,” mused the Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee, the bishop of Chicago whom Hayashi served as a canon the past five years.

Lee preached the sermon to the 700 Episcopalians, 25 visiting bishops and leaders of other Salt Lake City faiths who gathered at The Grand America Hotel. But he also primed those in Hayashi’s flock for what to expect of the church’s 11th bishop.

“You’ve elected a bishop whose sense of humor will delight you. You will discover that this playfulness enfolds a heart of very serious purpose,” Lee said.

“His sheer competence will amaze you and an apparently endless supply of energy will dazzle you,” said Lee. “He will pray with you at the drop of the hat.

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