Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Episcopals go decadent to raise funds

From Northern California-

Chocolate flowed from a fountain, was baked into cakes and was rolled into round balls and covered in nuts or coconut.

What money was raised at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church on Sunday — from the public tasting such decadent treats — will go to care for the needy.

"We've been doing this for so long, it just sort of organizes itself," said Chocolate Festival Chairwoman Sharon Zwald. "Everyone always seems to know just what they have to do."

About 150 people attended the 15th annual Chocolate Festival on Sunday.

Volunteers lined up to dish out dozens of desserts, eating featuring chocolate as it's star ingredient.

The festival, which includes a silent auction, raises about $5,000 each year, said Secretary Brenda Herrod.

"We got the idea from a chocolate festival on the coast," Herrod said. "The congregation donates the dishes, and all the money goes to charity."

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