Monday, January 10, 2011

Boar’s Head Festival marks 50th anniversary

From Youngstown-

Every year, the Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival gives participants a total immersion into the rich traditions of early Christianity and of the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Featuring Medieval and Renaissance music and traditional Christmas and Epiphany hymns, Sunday’s performances marked the 50th anniversary of the festival at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Early in the service, the Brier Hill Pipes and Drums played and marched into the church with the beefeaters, who wore the famous Tower of London ceremonial guards’ attire.

After the lights dimmed inside the packed 110-year-old Norman Gothic church, a tiny sprite skipped 100 yards from the front door to the high altar, jingling bells on her slippers and carrying a lighted candle symbolizing “the light of the world.”

A colorful procession of parishioners and others wearing elaborate and historically authentic costumes followed, featuring pipers, drummers, beefeaters, waits, lords and ladies, King Wenceslas, woodmen, shepherds and the Three Wise Men.

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