Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anglican diocese asks for end to costly property battle

From Vancouver-

The Vancouver-area Anglican diocese asked the Supreme Court of Canada on Friday to end a bitter legal dispute over church property and Christian theology that was first heard in 2008.

The Diocese of New Westminster asked the nation's top court to refuse to hear an appeal launched by conservative dissident Anglicans at four congregations, including the large parish of St. John's Shaughnessy in Vancouver.

Three B.C. Appeal Court judges ruled unanimously last year to uphold a lower court decision that the defecting Anglicans do not have the right to control the sanctuaries and property, since the churches properly belong to the national denomination.

Charging that the dissidents' lawsuit is costing the Anglican Church hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted legal fees, the Vancouver-area diocese said the property battle does not have national significance, since it does not set a precedent for other religious organizations.

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