Thursday, May 5, 2011

Minister moms split between pulpit, potty training

From USA Today-

Joe Stewart-Sicking, who has studied Episcopal clergy with young children, calls it the "church-home spillover." He assisted with a recent study of Episcopal clergy, which found that 84 percent of clergywomen said balancing the dual roles was difficult, compared to 61 percent of clergymen.

Clergywomen relayed a number of sticky situations, especially with small children.
"They talk about their 3-year-old seeing them in their clericals and they would tell them, 'Please take that off,'" said Stewart-Sicking, an assistant professor of pastoral counseling at Loyola University Maryland. "They knew that that meant Mommy was going away."
Even when children are in the sanctuary, the distance between the pulpit and the pews can be difficult for some ministers' children.

The Rev. Najuma Smith-Pollard, pastor of St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, recalled one Sunday when her son, Dorian, preferred the company of his mother over his babysitter.

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