Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Female Catholic Priests Defy the Vatican

From Baltimore-

Although the Catholic Church famously refuses to ordain woman priests, a group of women defied the order back in 2002, when seven were ordained in Germany by two Catholic bishops. Since then, according to a fascinating story by NPR, a movement to ordain women as Roman Catholic priests has gone international, as women ordained other women and created a wide network of "Roman Catholic Womenpriests," as the movement calls itself.

Recently, four women were ordained in Maryland (where, on the other side of the spectrum, an Episcopal parish recently decided to join the Catholic Church), in a ceremony held in a Protestant church. According to the Baltimore Sun, the ritual was "full of song and messages of inclusiveness," and the church was full of the ordinands' family and friends, including several husbands (this is another clear move away from Catholic doctrine, since male priests must remain celibate).

In 1994, Pope John Paul II reaffirmed the Vatican's stance on female priests, saying that the church cannot ordain women. And in 2008, the Vatican went a step further, saying that any women who is ordained and any bishop who ordains a woman will be immediately excommunicated from the Church.

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