Tuesday, August 9, 2011

After London riots, faith groups work for peace

From The Anglican Journal-

Faith leaders, politicians and youth workers in Tottenham, north London, on 8 August were planning a united response to a weekend of riots that left two dozen families homeless, 35 policemen injured and dozens of businesses destroyed.

A street march called "Vigil of Hope" was scheduled for the evening of Aug.8, but there was some question as to whether police would allow it to take place. Police said that 170 people have been arrested after two nights of unrest that saw stores looted, buildings and cars burned and confrontations with riot police.

The rioting first erupted on Aug.6, after a peaceful demonstration had taken place to protest the killing by police of a local man named Mark Duggan last week. Scotland Yard has said Duggan was the target of a "pre-planned operation" and officers have been quoted as saying they came under fire in the incident. On Aug. 7, there were further outbreaks of crowd violence and vandalism in central and south London. On Aug.8, there were more incidents reported in Tottenham, nearby Hackney and other parts of London.

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