Saturday, December 3, 2011

Church stands at original location

From California-

It might not be the oldest church in Willows, but parishioners believe it is the oldest one standing in its original location.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church celebrates its centennial anniversary Dec. 11 with an open house and tours beginning at 2 p.m.

The beautiful church at the corner of East Sycamore and Sonoma streets was dedicated on Dec. 10, 1911, by the Rev. William Hall Moreland, church officials said.

It is built of redwood and has withstood time well — aging gracefully through the past 10 decades.

The Rev. Greg Nolta, who serves as its resident Episcopal priest, said at least four different churches grew up with Willows, but he thinks this one is the only original church left from the past century.

The other churches moved or were destroyed by fires and age, Nolta said.

In Holy Trinity's early days, parishioners met in private homes to worship, he said, before eventually moving to the Palace Hotel that no longer exists.

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Bruce Robison said...

I was a Theological Education Sunday seminarian-preacher at Holy Trinity, Willows, in maybe 1983 or 1984. The Rector then, the Rev. Bart Kendricks, and his wife Barbara were very kind--gave a lovely tour of the church and town and then took us to a parishioner's home for a very nice lunch and visit. Thanks for the memories!

Bruce Robison