Saturday, December 31, 2011

People surprise you

From Columbus-

I've learned in my years as a religion reporter that pastors collect some pretty interesting/crazy/touching stories.

I heard one yesterday from the Rev. George Glazier, rector of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church on the Ohio State University campus. I was interviewing Glazier for this story about church finances in 2012.

Here it is, paraphrased:

Glazier used to work at a church in Wheeling, W. Va., where an unkempt woman who appeared to be very poor would worship on Christmas Eve. That was the only time all year that she came, and the staff got to know who she was because of her appearance and because she didn't smell very good.

After the woman died, the church was shocked to find out she left $500,000 to the congregation. The reason? On at least one Christmas Eve, an usher was kind to her and gave her a good seat.
I'd say you never know how your kindnesses will pay off, but of course that's no reason to be kind. It is a remarkable story about how people can surprise you.

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