Saturday, January 21, 2012

God still is speaking, but are we listening?

From Alabama-

I couldn't sleep for about two weeks after the move.

The horns, sirens, voices and general clattering of New York formed an undecipherable jum­ble of noise. It's amazing how much sound seeps through a window five floors above the street. I was used to the silence of an Alabama night and now all I could hear was noise. This posed a problem as it would be my family's home for the next several years while I was in seminary.

A funny thing happened aft­er a few weeks of the noise. My ears adjusted. Soon, I didn't simply hear a bunch of racket. I heard the rhythm of life.

I could identify and decipher the different sounds. I heard people talking and the notes of songs playing on car radios. I could tell when the man who pushed a shopping cart around our neighborhood arrived to collect bottles in the alley, be­cause I could pick out his voice.

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