Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter blessing brings varied denominations together here

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-

Afterward Bishop Kenneth Price Jr., of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, said he prayed that the friendship among the city's ecclesiastical leaders would set an example for others.

"In my life, I've never been in a city where the ecumenical community is as strong and the bonds between its leaders so genuine. May it afford a model to the city as a whole," he said.

He was standing a few feet from Archbishop Duncan, with whom his diocese has been in a painful property dispute since Archbishop Duncan led the majority of local Episcopalians out of the Episcopal Church in 2008. But after the blessing they were talking and laughing together.

"It's important to be together," Archbishop Duncan began.

"It is," Bishop Price said.

"Despite the ways in which we experience wounds, Christ is capable of healing those wounds," Archbishop Duncan said.

"Despite the differences between us, we share a common faith in our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ," Bishop Price added.

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