Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last service held at 290-year-old RI church

From Rhode Island-

Parishioners at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John in Providence cried and hugged as the 290-year-old church held its final service and prepared to close.

The pews were packed Sunday as the Rev. David Joslin urged the crowd to temper their grief and disappointment with faith. He said how one handles disappointment leads to a "maturation of faith."

The fourth-oldest church in the Rhode Island Episcopal diocese needs millions of dollars in repairs and there isn't enough money to keep the nearly 200-member congregation going.

Parishioners will be joining other congregations. Church officials say they'll be securing the building and maintaining it, in case it reopens in the future.

The church was known as King's Church when it was founded in 1722.


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