Thursday, November 8, 2012

PAWLEYS ISLAND,SC: All Saints votes to unite with ACNA

From David Virtue-

Now once again, All Saints parishioners are in the midst of another change, another transition in their quest to follow Christ more perfectly. A congregational vote taken Monday (Nov. 5) has set the church on course to affiliate with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and come under the provincial jurisdictional authority of Archbishop Robert Duncan.

This was not been an easy decision. Two proposals, each presenting a way for All Saints to step out into the future, were presented. When the vote was tallied, 322 All Saints members voted for Proposal #1 calling for associating with ACNA; while 229 ballots were cast for Proposal #2 to make the Anglican Mission in the America's Society for Mission and Apostolic Works their ultimate spiritual home. Church bylaws dictate that a 51 percent margin, not just fifty-plus-one percent margin, is needed to effect the change of status. The target number was 316.

In recent years, All Saints' Way of the Cross has been painful and difficult as the congregation strove to disengage from The Episcopal Church and find its place in the unfolding Anglican realignment in the United States. In the end, parishioners and vestry members were so divided, as they attempted to discern the Lord's will in their ongoing congregational life, that a large ruckus church-family fight ensued. Lines were drawn, feelings were hurt, misunderstandings cropped up, accusations flew, and the rumor mill was operating at full tilt.

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