Saturday, December 8, 2012

Faith & Works | Louisville Episcopal pastor to lead the American Cathedral in Paris

From Kentucky-

The Rev. Lucinda Laird, pastor of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, used to say she would never leave her job — unless she got a call to be pastor of the American Cathedral in Paris.

“It’s like saying, ‘Unless I fly to the moon,’ ” Laird said Friday. “It’s not possible.”

Except it is.

After nearly 15 years as pastor of one of Lousiville’s largest progressive congregations, Laird has been named the first woman dean in the cathedral’s history.

The cathedral, part of the Episcopal Church, has been a center for English-speaking worshipers in the French capital for more than a century.

Laird, 60, said she has visited Paris several times as a tourist but has never lived overseas and had to spend considerable time discerning whether this was the right call.

When the job opened up after the previous rector left for a position in Scotland, she decided to apply.

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