Friday, February 1, 2013

Chinese ‘Losing Their Fear’

From The Living Church-

The paradox of fear and hope that is China today includes flouting the rule of law, corruption, gross violations of individual rights, wrongful imprisonment, harassment of those who criticize the Communist Party, and real optimism that change is coming with new leadership, according to Chinese lawyer and human rights advocate Chen Guangcheng.

Chen drew a standing ovation when he gave a keynote talk, “In Search of China’s Soul,” through an interpreter at a Washington National Cathedral Jan. 30. “This is a moment we will always remember,” said Atlantic Monthly correspondent James Fallows, who moderated the evening program.

Chen became a high-profile human rights figure on the world stage when he spoke out against forced abortions and sterilizations in China in 2005, even filing a class-action lawsuit against authorities in Shandong protesting China’s one-child policy. Placed under house arrest and jailed for more than four years, Chen escaped to Beijing in April 2012, where he and his family came under the protection of the U.S. embassy. Today he is at New York University School of Law working on a memoir scheduled for publication late this year.

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