Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is Invoking the Saints Dangerous?

From Catholic Culture-

While still an Anglican, Blessed John Henry Newman had some trouble coming to a Catholic appreciation of the role of the saints in Christian life. He seems to have understood from the first that the saints were wonderful witnesses to Divine realities and a superb inspiration to us all, but he balked at invoking their intercession for fear of diluting the honor due to God.

Newman emphasized this concern in a letter to the Anglican Bishop of Oxford in 1841, some four years before his conversion. He expresses what was then the common high Anglican attitude on the subject, including a notable disdain for the spiritual perception of what we might call the “common man”:

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JCF said...

You couldn't find a better source to aggregate than CatholicCulture dot org? O_o [There are perfectly Affirming (Anglican) Catholicism-type sites which endorse invoking the saints!]