Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chinese woman arrested for vandalizing National Cathedral and four other Washington monuments is ordered to halfway house with ankle monitor

From The Daily Mail (lots of photos)

A woman charged with defacing the Washington National Cathedral has been ordered to a halfway house.

Jiamei Tian, 58, appeared at a preliminary hearing in D.C. Superior Court today, where a judge ordered that she wear an ankle monitoring bracelet and barred her from leaving the halfway house or having visitors.

The Chinese national living in the U.S. has been charged with damaging two chapels of the cathedral with a soda can of green paint on Monday.

In another church near Thomas Circle, Tian allegedly splashed the organ with a mixture of white paint, feces and urine.

D.C. police Chief Cathy L. Lanier told NewsChannel8 on Tuesday that the paint incidents are likely to be connected and that the woman may have 'mental health issues.'

Authorities also said that Tian appears to speak very little English and her motives remain unclear.
Green paint was discovered splattered onto the Lincoln Memorial early last Friday morning, and it was found later on a statue outside the Smithsonian headquarters on the National Mall, as reported by

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