Friday, October 25, 2013

Welby on eve of GAFCON: ‘Communion needs rethink’

From The Church Times-

THE Anglican Communion needs a new structure for the future rather than, as at present, one "for the power of some middle-aged English clergyman based in London with very little hair", the Archbishop of Canterbury said in Kenya on Sunday, on the eve of GAFCON II.

Archbishop Welby was speaking at All Saints' Cathedral, Nairobi, during a 24-hour visit to the city. He delivered the sermon twice during the morning.

"I have thought and said for a long time that there is a need for new structures in the Anglican Communion," he told the congregation. "The issues that divide us are, at one level, simple; but they are also, at another level, very complicated. Among many things, they tell us that we need a new way of being together as the Communion. A way that reflects the 21st century and not the old colonial pattern."

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