Monday, December 2, 2013

In Bath, monthly food truck helping those in need get through lean times

From Maine-

They weren’t thinking about Thanksgiving, that day of feast and excess, when they arrived by the dozens at Grace Episcopal Church on Tuesday. They were thinking beyond that, to the days and weeks between now and Christmas. They were thinking about how to keep their cupboards, refrigerators and bellies full until then.

Once every month, a food truck parks in the back lot of the church about a mile from the center of Bath. The sides roll up. Volunteers spread the food out on tables. Fresh produce. Bread. Frozen chicken.

Unlike food trucks that serve gourmet cooked meals, this one is a food bank, supplying those in need with the food they’ll need to get through the lean days.

Everyone who comes gets a number for a place in line. In groups of 10, they go through the line, filling their bags or their boxes or their wheeled carts with food. They can take as much as they want, no questions asked.

Kimberly Gates runs the operation, but it belongs to the community, she said.

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