Thursday, December 26, 2013

Local spiritual leaders see endless lessons in Christmas

From Western Massachusetts-

Meanwhile, Bishop Douglas J. Fisher, who heads the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts, which includes Worcester and surrounding communities, said Christmas is complicated because of the things people attach to it.

He likened the holiday to the Fisher Christmas tree, which is dressed up in a mix of religious ornaments and decorations that are of personal significance to the family.

For example, angels hang side by side with ornaments acquired from every place where the Fishers have vacationed.

"The Christmas tree has all this stuff on it that seems to have nothing to do with Christmas," said Bishop Fisher, in his message to the Episcopal flock in Central Massachusetts. "But isn't Christmas itself that way? It isn't just the story of what happened to Jesus."

He said Christmas Eve is the most emotional night of the year, with Christians using the solemn vigil to present their own "stories."

He said some are joyous while others are sad. 

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