Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why does progressive Pope Francis allow anti-gay bishops to preach hate?

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-

A president struggling in the polls at home recently traveled to the Vatican. He was hoping that a photo with the wildly popular Pope Francis might boost his dismal approval ratings. But because the president had been championing historic LGBT legislation to appeal to his base, some wondered if the pope would actually use their meeting to chastise the president — reminding him how the policies he favors are out of sync with church teachings.

Barack Obama, right? No — the president was Nigeria’s embattled leader, President Goodluck Jonathan.

As we all know, the media reported, analyzed, critiqued, conjectured and speculated on every aspect of President Obama’s meeting with Pope Francis, including whether or not the two men would discuss same-sex marriage and other LGBT rights in the United States. But five days earlier, with little attention or fanfare, Pope Francis received Mr. Jonathan, fresh off the president signing a bill criminalizing homosexuality in Nigeria.

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