Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eyes on churches as they decide whether to allow guns

From Georgia-

When Georgia’s new comprehensive gun laws go into effect July 1, many churches will opt out of allowing weapons into worship halls.

The Safe Carry Protection Act, sometimes called the “Guns Everywhere” law by opponents, goes into effect July 1. The language of the bill actually prohibits guns inside churches, unless the “governing body or authority of the place of worship permits the carrying of weapons or long guns by license holders.”

But it’s not even a concern for many Christian denominations, including in Catholic, Methodist and Episcopal churches. Leaders in all three organizations have pointed to no-weapons policies, and advised individual churches to follow the rules already in place.

In April, shortly after Gov. Nathan Deal signed the bill into law, the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta’s Bishop Rob Wright released a public letter prohibiting guns in churches.

“My judgment and this policy are based on the normative understanding of the teachings of Jesus as the Episcopal Church has received them,” he wrote.

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