Tuesday, December 2, 2014

South Sudanese Episcopal bishops resolve to preach against revenge, expand ranks

From South Sudan-

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan has consecrated nine new bishops following a leadership conference in which they resolved to preach against revenge and war.

At a ceremony held at All Saints Cathedral in Juba on Sunday the Episcopal Church consecrated new leaders for its dioceses at Malek, Athooc, Kongor, Duk, Ayod, Malek-Ruuup, Abyei, Pariang and Nasser.

This is the biggest number of bishops ever consecrated by the church at one ceremony. It follows a meeting of the Episcopal House of Bishops held at Kajo-Keji last week.

According to the communiqué of the Kajo-Keji conference, bishops discussed the ongoing political crisis in South Sudan, among other issues. The bishops were briefed by their own Bishop Enock Tombe, who has been an observer at Addis Ababa peace talks.

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