Saturday, January 17, 2015

Married, female and ordained: Rev Eileen Cremin is part of progress in Church of Ireland

From Ireland-

Despite a name that would sound at home in the Co Cork countryside that she now calls home, the Rev Eileen Cremin was born in Hackney, in east London. She is also the child of Antiguan immigrants, who arrived in England in the 1950s, alongside waves of Irish settlers.

Born Eileen Lake, and named after an Irish friend of her mother, she picked up the Cremin name when she married a man from Passage West, Co Cork. The couple now live in Fermoy, where she is rector of the union of parishes.

She was raised Anglican but felt like an outsider when first considering ministry in London. “My experience of priests at the time was that they were white, male and middle-class, and I was totally the opposite to that in all sorts of ways. My family background has been very much working class, so I went forward for selection not thinking that I would get through.”

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