Friday, April 24, 2015

Tangled Up in Blue: Executive Council

From "Seven Whole Days"-

The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church has written several reports for the Blue Book. There are reports from various committees of Episcopal Council, and there is the Council’s main report. Today’s fun is focused on the Council report itself. It’s well worth reading, and you’ll make it through the 33 pages in no time at all. I know that sounds snarky, but I’m serious. It’s a quick but worthwhile read (until you get the resolutions, but more on that later).

In the first part of the report, we read a brief summary of what Executive Council has focused on and accomplished this triennium. Lots to note here, but I wish to raise up a few issues.

Church Center. One of the interesting issues that the 2012 General Convention addressed is the location of the Episcopal Church’s headquarters. Where do we want our staff to work? Resolution D016 was passed overwhelmingly, stating very simply and clearly, “That it is the will of this Convention to move the Church Center headquarters away from the Church Center building at 815 2nd Avenue, New York City.” Since then, these has been almost no public discussion about this topic and the only statements have come in the form of attempts to redefine or ignore what General Convention said.

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