Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chicago professor calls out the 'culture of white superiority'

From Pittsburgh-

Near the end of her talk at the Heinz History Center Saturday, Chicago sociologist Jacqueline Battalora was asked why so many young black men are dying at the hands of American police, from Baltimore to Ferguson, Mo.

She said there are many factors, including too much time training police officers how to handle weapons and not enough in how to improve their emotional maturity. But the overriding reason, she said, is the culture of white superiority that saturates American society.

“It is impossible to be a product of U.S. culture and not have ideas about the supremacy of white people — not consciously perhaps — but to assume that white people are superior,” said Ms. Battalora, the speaker at a “Race & Freedom” event sponsored by the Episcopal Church and the African-American Program at the history center. “Think of how we all have been shaped by these messages. Think of how they’ve shaped who we want our children to play with, where we are comfortable living, and who seems to be legitimate material for marriage.

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