Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lennox: Episcopalian decline highlights church woes

From Detroit-

Would you miss your church if it closed?

This thought-provoking question was posed by one of the foremost Protestant religious leaders when he visited the pre-Civil War St. John’s Episcopal Church in Detroit last week. (For full disclose, I not only attend the church in question but also serve on its vestry, aka board of directors.)

The question came from Lord George Carey, who in his capacity as archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 until retirement in 2002 was spiritual head of the Anglican Communion, would have been seen by some as controversial not long ago.

But it wasn’t, not least because it came only days after the release of a major Pew report that revealed hashtag-epic declines among the once dominant mainline churches that in so many ways defined American life for most of this country’s history.

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