Sunday, June 28, 2015

Anglican Church blasts greedy presidential aspirants

From Tanzania-

A section of clerics of the Anglican Church in the country yesterday blasted greedy presidential aspirants, politicians and followers of the church, sounding out a strong warning that the church would never support those disobeying public order and legitimate election rules.

Speaking at the commemoration to mark 50 years anniversary of the Dar es Salaam Diocese of the Anglican Church in Tanzania, Bishop Valentino Mokiwa urged Tanzanians to respect and follow election rules and regulations.

He told journalists yesterday that members of the church and the public as well should be ambassadors of peace and they should convey this message to all, so that nothing unbecoming should happen at the polls.

He said that the church will not support those who plan to violate the forthcoming General Elections and the congregation must pray to ensure that every election procedures carried out as planned.

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