Thursday, June 11, 2015

No sympathy for Heather Cook

From Baltimore-

It is disgraceful that our legal system sees fit to delay the prosecution of former Episocpal bishop Heather Cook ("Trial of former bishop Heather Cook postponed as attorney considers a plea," June 5).

I have no pity for her and care little that she suffers from a disease.

The delay gives this drunken murderer the entire summer to be free. She can go to the beach, barbecue, get together with friends and even go for a BIKE RIDE. Mr. Palermo can never enjoy summer pleasures again. Where is there any effort at obtaining justice?

I do care greatly, however, that the legal system and the Episcopal Church have found ways to avoid pain and embarrassment for her. She is not the victim, and it is egregious that members of the church successfully hid her addiction to alcohol from their council.

Her mental anguish and suffering notwithstanding, the verdict should have been swift and severe. Her benefactor, a fellow ex-clergyman who is also a recovering addict, and the church, which enabled her to make bail and is paying for her rehabilitation, should be paying the family of Ms. Cook's victim triple that amount as a minimum gesture of support.

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