Friday, July 10, 2015

Episcopal Bishops Did Not Reject Divestment from Israel

From Huffington-

 I like a good headline as much as anyone. Last week The Episcopal News Service ran this headline: "Bishops Overwhelmingly Oppose Divestment in Israel, Palestine".

Except, they didn't.

The Episcopal Church met in its triennial General Convention in Salt Lake City, June 24-July 3. I sat for days in what was reported to me later as the slowest functioning committee of the General Convention, Social Justice and International Policy. It functioned so slowly an intervention was considered.

We functioned slowly because of the fear of talking about the four Israel, Palestine resolutions that we were to consider on behalf of the General Convention and then move to the House of Bishops for initial consideration, and then if passed to the House of Deputies, as had been agreed by the presiding officers of this General Convention.

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