Saturday, August 15, 2015

Historic mission still serving Utah's Navajo Nation

From Utah-

A historic mission to the Navajo Nation is still alive and well, almost three-quarters of a century after it was founded by a legendary Episcopal priest.

But the mission is not all about religion, according to his successor. It's also about trying to plug some gaping holes in the social safety net.

On Sunday mornings, the Rev. Richard Stevens — known locally as "Father Red" — rings an old railroad bell, summoning the faithful to church. St. Christopher's Episcopal Mission is just outside of Bluff in a place on the edge of the Navajo Reservation that's drenched in history.

First there was an old log church "built in 1944 and '45," Father Red explained as he walked through the remains. The church burned down in 1964. "This got scorched," he said, pointing to a stone altar, "but it got preserved."

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