Saturday, August 22, 2015

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church closes

From Michigan-

The name is off the building at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 3201 Gratiot Ave., Port Huron.

The last Episcopalian service at the church was Aug. 9.

“We are closed,” said the Rev. Bob Diehl. He and the Rev. Shirley Seely were the two priests at St. Paul’s. “Our ecclesiastical corporation will be dissolved Aug. 9, which was the day of our last service there.”

The building, however, won’t remain empty. It was sold to Restoration Christian Community Church, which had been at 2625 Moak St., Port Huron.

“The sale of the building was finalized on July 16,” Diehl said. “They’ve had the building legally, but they have been helpful with us in terms of moving out.”

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