Tuesday, September 1, 2015

'Thank you for doing this': Dozens turn out at Pittsburgh rally to raise awareness of addiction

From Pittsburgh-

Earlier in the day, about 50 people gathered for a noon service in front of the red doors of Trinity Cathedral on Sixth Avenue, Downtown. Before prayers and readings of scripture, the church’s bell tolled -- 31 times for the 307 people who died of an overdose in Allegheny County last year.

In the last five years, 1,364 county residents have died of an overdose, according to The Coalition for Leadership, Education and Advocacy for Recovery, which partnered with the Christian Associates of Southwestern Pennsylvania and Downtown churches for the service.

Bishop Dorsey McConnell of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh said recovery is only possible through a higher power, which can provide mercy, healing and strength.

The gathering, he said, also served as an act of repentance on the part of the church, which in the past has sometimes pushed away people with addictions. 

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