Saturday, November 21, 2015

Message after Paris attacks: ‘Do not harden your hearts’

From The Church Times-

THE world is engaged in a “global and generational struggle against an evil cult that chooses death and fear”, the Archbishop of Canterbury warned on Saturday, after attacks by Islamist extremists in Paris last Friday left 129 people dead and more than 400 wounded.

“We choose life and hope, to overcome their hate with the power of God’s love,” he said. “In solidarity across all faiths and none, and with all human beings, rather than in the victimisation of any, we will find the way to defeat the demonic curse of terrorism.”

The attacks were the deadliest act of violence in France since the Second World War. The terrorists targeted six locations, including the Stade de France, restaurants, and the Bataclan concert hall. Survivors have spoken of gunmen picking off people one by one, including those in wheelchairs.

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