Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why Catholic Women Priests?

From Huffington-

Why in the world would any Catholic woman want to become a priest?

When Anglican/Episcopalian women became priests in the 1970s amid much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but also with the blessing of the institutional church, I was happy for them and proud of them. They took on the system and they prevailed. It wasn't easy, but they knew they had a fighting chance. Why? Because they knew that long ago, the Anglican Church recognized the need for a Via Media, a way to get beyond the canons and the controls to be with and of the people. Other denominations had already desexualized the altar rail before them, but they were pioneers within the liturgical high churches.

I rejoiced and cried when I participated in the first masses or services of my friends Jane, Mary, Kathy, and Judy. I don't know why I cried - I guess the anger against the church of my birth was stronger than I thought. I guess it meant more to me than I knew to have a woman presiding at the liturgy. That's a big part of why I eventually became an Episcopalian.

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