Monday, December 21, 2015

Beer & Hymns? Really? Really.

From South Carolina-

When guitarist Tom Hanlon, of the Paul Grimshaw Band (shameless plug) first told me that his pastor, Jason Lee of the St. Phillip Lutheran Church, was organizing Beer & Hymns, a sing-a-long of hymns and carols, accompanied by beer, to be held at Liberty Brewery & Grill, I was intrigued. Though unable to personally attend the inaugural Beer & Hymns event, reports were that the occasion was an unmitigated success – some 80 in attendance. Beer & Hymns? Really? Really.

“For generations the church has been saying, ‘Here we are, come to us,’” said Pastor Lee, 34. “Now we’re going out into the public every few weeks and inviting everybody, all ages and creeds to join us for beer & hymns. No agenda, no preaching, we take up an offering to tip the musicians, but there’s no bait & switch, the only agenda is beer and hymns.” Lee is a native South Carolinian, and has been pastoring St. Phillip in Myrtle Beach for about two years.

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