Thursday, December 3, 2015

Time to take a stand against gun violence

From Iowa (the writer is an Episcopal priest)-

“How Long, O Lord ...” Psalm 94

Gun versus gun, gun versus gun, gun versus gun... on and on and on from city to state to country. Countries under siege by militias both Christian and Muslim, Palestinian and Jew. Americans brought to their knees literally, either at the point of a gunman holding hostages or police holding citizens; shots ring out in the name of justice, or even of God. All brought to our collective knees asking our Higher Power to wring some truth and peace out of such tragedy, after tragedy, after tragedy...

The horrendous carnage of death and mutilation that is rendered by a single person or small group with these incredibly high-powered guns, trying to make political, religious, moral, or “lawful” points; when a person is too cowardly to use their words or even their fists in a fair fight. 

But no, at a great distance people who have been influenced by hate-speech or other contamination of the soul, can become an instant hero to some of their equally cowardly friends; shooting unarmed people in the name of their obscure “cause”, passionately held, selfishly and terminally imposed.

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