Monday, December 28, 2015

Welby: “Christians face Middle East elimination”

From Evangelical Focus-

Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury Cathedral in Kent compared the Daesh to the Biblical King Herod who ordered the massacre of the innocents in an attempt to kill the Christ child, during his Christmas sermon. 

"Today, across the Middle East, close to the area in which the angels announced God's apocalypse, Isis and others claim that this is the time of an apocalypse, an unveiling created of their own terrible ideas, one which is igniting a trail of fear, violence, hatred and determined oppression", he said. 

Welby affirmed that because Islamic terrorists are "Confident that these are the last days, using force and indescribable cruelty, they seem to welcome all opposition, certain that the warfare unleashed confirm that these are indeed the end times."

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

++Justin, yes, you are right to be alarmed about the discrimination and persecution and worse of Christians in the Middle are correct to know that elimination of the most terrible variety EXISTS in REAL LIFE and Anglicans are victims along with other Christian denominations...please clear your head as I KNOW YOU KNOW the Anglican Provinces in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya/others have formed together the GAFCON and Global South movements which preach the exclusion, inmprisonment=death or LGBTI Anglicans/others. Please, try and not rely on the recent sensationalism of murderous terrorists to make us AWARE of the pending demise of ALL Anglicans...everywhere. Your selectiveness is understood because of the nature of your challenge to fully accept the inclusion of LGBTI at ALL levels of Church of England and Anglican life...WE will not be distracted as we continue to pray for ALL tormented ANGLICANS everywhere.