Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Archbishop of Canterbury pushes for reconciliation

From Crux-

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said Monday he hoped this week’s meeting of world Anglican leaders could avoid a split over homosexuality in the worldwide fellowship and lead to “finding ways to disagree well.”

However, Welby said there’s little he can do if some of the 38 leaders quit the meeting in Canterbury. Welby is the spiritual head of the 85-million-member Anglican Communion but, unlike a pope, he has no authority to force a compromise.

“Certainly I want reconciliation, but reconciliation doesn’t always mean agreement — in fact it very seldom does. It means finding ways to disagree well and that’s what we’ve got to do this week,” Welby told the BBC. “There’s nothing I can do if people decide that they want to leave the room. It won’t split the communion.”

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