Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chase violence out of religion, urges Welby

From The Church Times-

THE global turmoil and conflict driven by extremism can be stopped only once religiously motivated violence has been purged from every faith tradition, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

The world was facing, for the first time in centuries, an obviously religious conflict that encompassed all faiths, Archbishop Welby said. In his travels around the Anglican Communion, he had come across “Islamic violence, Christian violence, Hindu violence, Buddhist violence”.

While he believed that the current bombing campaigns in Iraq and Syria met the tests for a just war, bombing alone could not end the violence. “We must aim for nothing less than chasing religiously motivated violence out of every tradition,” the Archbishop said to an audience of hundreds at Queen’s University, Belfast, as he gave the annual Church of Ireland Theological Lecture

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Let him take first position in the starting blocks and dash off to Uganda and Nigeria (Kenya swing included) and SPEAK OUT against the persecution and prosecution of LGBTI/Anglicans and others...thank you.